Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kyle Reynolds

I got to shoot my friend Kyle Reynolds this past Tuesday. The last show of 2011. I nearly forgot about the show, but was still up for shooting. I drove up to HOB Anaheim after work and I was very surprised when I only had a press pass. All I could think was "my luck." Lately, I have had no luck with shooting shows, so why was I even surprised? I decided to wait a little bit just to see if I knew anyone. As I'm texting my friend Cody telling him "well it happened again. No ticket. Music photography and I are through. There have been plenty of clear signs," this guy comes up and asks if I need a ticket. I respond "Oh no, I'm not buying a ticket" and he says "it's free." Then I spend the next few moments asking him over and over if he is serious and soon after I begin to cry and tell him he has no idea how much this means to me. Not that he really even cared, but just as I'm watching the door close right before my eyes he opens it again.

The point is... Just when the world is telling you it's time to give up, God is telling you this is just the beginning. It's not about what I want or what music wants or what the world wants. It is about what He wants. It is about His will. I will be the first to say that is all I want for my life. I have seen firsthand what it is like trying to do things on your own and by the standards of the world. You get absolutely no where or you get somewhere and lose it all. Doing it by God's standards is the only way to be, so here is to another year of music photography, Lord willing.

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