Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beyond the surface.

Today I had a super spontaneous shoot with Michelle Brant. I've known her since middle school, but this was the first time we actually really talked and hung out. She had followed me on instagram a while back and I mentioned shooting together sometime. We swapped numbers and it soon became a thing of the past when she moved to Santa Barbara for school, at least until she was back home for a bit. I was scrolling through instagram today and noticed one of her pictures right around here, so I text her to see if she would be down to shoot today or tomorrow. She was ready to shoot today! I met at her house with next to no plan. We started out in her backyard and then headed to a spot near her house. The sun was going super fast so we only had about 20-30 minutes to shoot. Well worth it though. We're planning to shoot again tomorrow and have quite a few plans in the near future! Just wait! So stoked I can't hardly hold it in! Get stoked!

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